We help CEOs build successful product organizations

Product organizations that influence 
users' future behaviour

Our name D1W3 summarizes what we stand for

The first few minutes of users in your product determine their future behaviour. At D1W3, we help you build a product organization that covers those few minutes in Day 1 (D1), up until the user is fully retained, for example in Week 3 (W3).

We help you focus, ask the right questions, and evaluate if your teams are fighting with right metrics.

Onboarding & Retention levers

We help you identify retention levers, anti-levers, and time to convert. We help you make the best of behavioural cohorts and bring qualitative input into iterations when needed. We help you clearly articulate success: what a user needs to do or receive in order to stay retained, and when specifically in the journey that needs to happen.

We help you work with an actionable process and obtain substantial increases in the key metrics.


We believe that marketplaces must be intervened by product teams. First of all, we help you understand the current dynamics of your marketplace by instrumenting sellers, buyers, products and interactions.

We then slowly intervene how discoverability & interactions are distributed among sellers (how offer & demand meet).

The immediate result is an increase in sellers engagement: higher retention and an increase in the number of uploaded products.

Subscription apps

We often find teams focused exclusively on impacting the paywall funnel. In that process, they have the correct discipline, iterating against a specific metric.

But after the paywall, teams don't arm themselves with levers or funnels to fight with. We help you fix this.

Taste-based retention

We feel very comfortable with projects that generate large amounts of unstructured data, and/or taste data. In those projects, we might explore ontology / taste-based opportunities. We might help capture and structure taste data, build taste profiles and then taste graphs, and work on defining learning models. In the past, we've achieved substantial increases in retention with this approach, or increases in liquidity in the case of marketplaces.

"D1W3 helped us understand how to increase conversion of new users from trial to subscription. He also encouraged us to work on an aspect that ended up having huge impact on retention"
XXX Founder
"After 10 months of incorrectly using our behavioral analytics tool, D1W3 helped us ask the right product questions, and instrument our product correctly"
XXX Founder
"We have 4 product teams, 24 people in total. D1W3 helped me identify a gap in our product organization, and helped me see how two teams had the wrong incentives. As a result, we substantially decreased the cost of acquiring users and increased our retention. Sales went up by 2 digits!"
XXX Founder